Compost Bins In A Small Yard

Compost bins can take up a bit of room and finding a place for them in a small back garden is not always easy. At 240 square metres my yard has limited space. The most obvious spot for compost bins was where next door’s camphor laurels were getting all the benefit – so I definitely didn’t want them there.

Having lived in many rentals over the years, one thing I couldn’t help but notice is that in whatever tucked away corner you put your compost bins, the shrubbery next to it makes like Mr Stay-Puft the Marshmallow Man in Ghostbusters. Which is not what you want when it’s a prickly pear or cotoneaster – but would be fabulous for a fruit tree. So why not put them on the ground next to a plant that needs a boost?

After emptying a bin this morning I decided to move it to the opposite fence, where I have a tiny fig. The fig is destined to be espaliered to the fence, but has not done much at all since I planted it a few months ago. I have a feeling that the soil along that fence might need some replenishing: everything along it must compete with the ever indestructible sweet potatoes and a Grevillea ‘Strawberry Blonde’ which I suspect is inhibiting the growth of plants around it (due for removal in the near future).

The Fig

I have placed the compost bin between the little fig and my Brunfelsia, which could also do with a boost. I remembered to take a before pic this time – I’ll add an after pic in a few months to see how effective my strategy has been.

Eventually I would like to have a permanent place for the compost, but in the meantime, the bins can be used around the garden to feed the young trees and plants.

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  1. That seems like a very good idea. You can give your plants a boost with zero work 😁

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