A Toilet Wicking Bed

A few weeks ago I sowed some spinach seeds in a sheltered corner of the garden. The results show how different conditions produce very different results.

Greens thrive when the soil is constantly moist. Although this is a relatively sheltered corner it still gets a good dose of hot sun in the late afternoon, not to mention the crazy winds we’ve had lately. But the toilet with its terrible drainage holds water, protecting the seedlings from drying out. The same principle as a wicking bed – but I didn’t have to make it 😉

Toilet ‘wicking bed’

One response to “A Toilet Wicking Bed”

  1. Sheppy Shepherd avatar
    Sheppy Shepherd

    This is really useful information. I have an old toilet in the courtyard (with a puddle of water) and wasn’t sure what to plant in it. Now I know; salad greens

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