First Homemade Turmeric

I am generally good at planning, planting and looking after things – but I am quite lousy at harvesting anything. I get a thrill of pleasure at how well the rocket is doing, and then completely ignore it until it’s gone to seed; I carefully tend my zucchini plants until they are magnificent, but don’t get there until they have become giant marrows; and I always, always dig up sweet potato when it’s either too big and woody or too small to bother with.

So I am ecstatic about my first good turmeric harvest, which I not only got out of the ground at the right time, but have processed into usable spice powder!

I gave them a quick scrub, sliced thinly and into the dehydrator for only about five hours, then whizzed up in the spice mill. Peeling the rhizomes would result in a ‘cleaner’ powder, but I don’t mind a bit of skin and dirt in there 😉

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